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Chat with us and see your business under a whole new light!

Chat with us and see your business under a whole new light!

advertise and sell your products at our high-foot traffic brick-and-mortar locations.
What We Do
What We Do
We assist businesses with on-premise marketing advertisement to facilitate product promotions and sales. Instead of competing in the over saturated online market, we utilize the existing footprint of convenience stores to drive online sales through physical kiosks, interactive advertising stations, and POS. To differentiate itself from overabundance of ecommerce platforms, we require all brands and products, sold through eBox Enterprises, to offer an incentive in a form of post-sale Entertaining Discount Coupon.
How We Do It
How We Do It
We have secured a network of brick-and-mortar partners - convenience stores, gas stations, country clubs. Each location is chosen for its high-foot traffic. Our advertisement stations and kiosks are interactive, allowing customers immediate access to products and discount offers. The first step is to secure a product and a discount. Without a significant discount in favor of future customers, we do not provide access to our network. Secondly, we will deploy the advertisement of the product with the ability to purchase it using credit cards at our advertisement kiosks. We have payment tiers that regulate product deployment for (a) quantity of locations, (b) duration, and (c) time of day, e.g., lunch time is more expensive.
And The Rest
And The Rest
We do not charge any upfront fee and do not require any subscription for our services. We rely on our marketing expertise to secure a percentage of sales as a compensation for our services. The payment tiers are the instruments used to calculate those percentages. All product sales are effectuated using our payment gateway. Businesses are then compensated for their products and services based on the previously agreed upon Terms and Conditions.

Entertaining Discount Coupon (EDC) is a playful way to provide a customer with ability to receive a discount. For example, using an on-screen wheel, a discount could immediately be selected and credited to consumer’s account. EDC is a marketing tool that we are constantly improving based on our customers’ responses.

Pilot Program Happening Now!

We are currently conducting controlled testing on a limited number of businesses.

Applications are being accepted but will not be reviewed until the end of 2021.

Terms and Conditions are agreement specific per each advertisement and sales.


When is EDC applied?
EDC is applied always after the final sales
How do customers get their reimbursement?
The discount reimbursement always applies as a credit for future purchases across any of our marketing partners.
Is discount guaranteed?


Are the purchased products at locations?
No. The purchased products are either shipped to customer’s address or delivered to the store for the pickup
Who charges the customer?
IKS charges the customer and then reimburses product or service providers.


How is eBox Enterprises paid?
We withhold a percentage for our services from product and service providers.
Do customers ever pay eBox Enterprises?
No. Customers buy a product or a service from third party companies.
Does eBox Enterprises sell personal information?
No. However, as an incentive, our customers are offered to participate in surveys. The participation is voluntary, and the gathered information is then shared with the survey providers.
Is eBox Enterprises compensated for surveys?
At present time, no. The registered users are.
  • EDC

  • Products

  • Payment


    • Active Listening
    • Building Relationships Based on Trust and Respect
    • Setting Clear Priorities
    • Enabling Collaboration
    • Conveying the Organizations Visions
  • Support

    • Reporting Project Progress
    • Project Information Control – Ensures YOUR vision is conveyed
    • Agile Project Management
  • Generation of ideas

    • Targeted Market Research
    • Variety of Solutions
    • Member-Manager Collaboration
    • Bottom Line - We will contribute our opinions & ideas that will help your business succeed!
  • Strategic UX/UI

    • Research
    • Information Architecture
    • Wireframing
    • Prototyping
    • Visual Communication
    • Less is More
  • Aesthetics

    • Layout
    • Color
    • Typography
    • Illustration
    • Images
    • Design theory
  • Creative

    • Curious
    • Risk Taking
    • Branding
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

    • Nothing is Impossible
    • Custom Solutions – No two projects are the same
    • ZERO Templated Designs
  • Strong Technical Skills

    • Knowledge to structure the code properly to suit the project
    • Problem Solving – We will make it work
    • Wide-array of Programming Languages
    • Testing & Debugging
    • Teamwork makes the Dreamwork
  • Robust

    • Variety of Capabilities
    • Strongly Built Code
    • Effective Functionality

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eBox Enterprises delivers all its products and services in secure and compliant environment to guarentee safety of your customer through every interaction.